Cowhides come in a multitude of finishes and thicknesses and cover a much broader use than that possible with lambskin. The raw material can be divided into sections within the skin, each with its own purpose. This can be sides, bellies, shoulders, butts, double butts as well as the whole hide itself, and thickness can range from under 1.0mm through to above 4.0mm.

What we can offer

Nassau - in substance 1.0/1.2mm natural full grain drum dyed aniline finish, where the grain has little protection, but a superb hand feel and softness ideal for men's outerwear. As there is no grain surface treatment there will be minor imperfections visible on the skin, but all add to the beauty of the product. With no alteration to the surface there is variation of effect within the side. Clicking on the product will show the colour options available.

Canada Hide


In substance 0.8/1.0mm these full hides have a lightly finished, glazed appearance, which will distress slightly on handling to produce an antique effect which is all part of the article. BACK TO COWHIDES=#30720#



Print assisted sides with black and white in a range of substances and a firmer handle predominantly for the motorcycle garment trade. BACK TO COWHIDES=#30720#

Japanese Hide


Made on sides is a super light weight 0.5mm substance material from the Far East which has the weight of a lambskin but offers excellent cutting and is especially ideal for trousers using one piece pattern. BACK TO COWHIDES=#30720#

Moto Hide


1.0/1.2mm sides for when that heavier leather is required, with a surface spray to cover defects and provide excellent cutting. BACK TO COWHIDES=#30720#



Footwear orientated product in a range of substances 0.5mm through to 0.9mm, flat semi aniline grain in colours pink, black and white. BACK TO COWHIDES=#30720#

Crazy Horse


Heavily oiled pull up finish in substance 0.9/1.0mm BACK TO COWHIDES=#30720#