Hair on Hides

We now have available a range of hair on hides to offer in natural colour selections and printed transfer designs.

Natural Selection


Each hide is unique and colouring will be different to the images provided on this website, which are a general guide only. Our full range of actual hides in stock can be viewed on our Flickr page by clicking here= BACK TO…

Transfer Design


Made on sides these are a range of screen printed designs. BACK TO HAIR ON HIDES=#30726# CHEETAH BLACK ON WHITE=!424270! CHEETAH BROWN ON WHITE=!651627! CHEETAH BROWN ON BEIGE=!424276! LEOPARD=!424275! JAGUAR=!651629! BABY ZEBRA=!651649! ZEBRINO=!651651! ZEBRA PRINT=!651650!

Splash / Acid


Fully dyed colours on sides in light weight 1.0/1.2mm substance BACK TO HAIR ON HIDES=#30726# BLACK SPLASH=!651646! BROWN SPLASH=!651645! ACID GOLD=!651644! ACID SILVER=!651643! ACID PEWTER=!651638! ACID BRONZE=!651641! ACID FUCHSIA=!651639! ACID TURQUOISE=!651640!