The lambskins we use originate from the hair covered variety generally found within the North Africa region. These skins have a structure to them that allows a uniform substance to be achieved and we find for most applications 0.6/0.7mm works best.

Predominantly the nappa skins have been processed for garment use where a soft handle and natural drape is desired. This origin of material allows a soft grain surface to be produced with a generally good yield for cutting.

Lamb Nappa


Finished with a slight surface spray to assist consistency of colour with each dye batch but as importantly from delivery to delivery, so our customers can feel confident of placing repeat orders, even several months apart, and be assured that…



A range of vibrant intense colours on lamb skins, all made on a natural undyed base (pointed out in case any raw edged work being done). BACK TO LAMBSKINS=#30701#

Metallic Nappa


Our Metallic collection is produced on the Lambskin material, finished with a subtle top spray containing the metallic effect. The final article does retain some of it's natural handle and appearance as the spray is quite light, therefore most of…