For many years pig suede has been the commodity article for garment use, having a tough durable composition and being large enough to enable full panels to be incorporated without the need for joins.

This same durability has allowed the article to be successfully introduced to interior furnishings and is commonly used to back cushions and rugs. The main characteristics of pig suede is the hair follicles from the animal, but these do not detract from the soft suede and deep rub nap.

Our standard pig suede product is not split during production, and so the skins have a grain reverse side to them, although this is not generally usable as quality is too poor and we do not select skins for double sided use.

Pig Suede


The go to commodity suede product for durability, size and applications. 'Grain on' reverse for the most part although not recommended for unlined use as this can be very variable. Thickness 0.7/0.8mm skin size averaging 13square feet. This article does…

Goat Suede


Goat suede is almost the opposite end of the spectrum to pig suede in that skins are small, light and delicate. They provide a beautiful nap and intense colour depth for a truly luxurious article, ideal for light weight unlined…

Super Silky Calf Suede


Super Silky Calf suede is another option for heavier suede with robust physical properties. In substance 0.9/1.0mm this is a split suede which has quite a coarse fibrous finish but always an intense depth of colour. As with any suede…



The classic polyurethane finish giving a ‘wet’ look to the surface. BACK TO SUEDES=#30722#






Distressed foil.